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How To Export From Egypt? Your Full Guidance For Exporting

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How To Export From Egypt

Distances are no longer a noticeable obstacle as they were recent, thanks to globalization and the remarkable progress in capabilities and meter, the world has become like a small open village not surrounded by the usual geographical barriers anymore.

All of this noticeable progress contributed to encouraging investors to open new markets and start to look at the global market and not to be satisfied with the local market only, which resulted in the creation of a new commercial principle, which is export and import. How to export from Egypt has become a question of interest to many peoples.

All of this contributed to the intense competition, which resulted in the rise of quality standards in order to rise up in competition in the global market. The matter did not stop here, but every country had its own criteria, and it became necessary for every source to abide by those standards.

Every country in the world has what distinguishes it, whether in landmarks or in resources, but you will be very lucky if you are an Egyptian. Egypt is not distinguished by its tourist scene only that it contains a fragrant history, but it contains resources.

We will not exaggerate by saying that they are unique resources that are not found in any other country. Among the most important of these resources are human resources, yes, human resources. 

The ancient Egyptians presented themselves to the whole world as the kings of building and construction, as they built to the world one of its seven wonders, the pyramids, and the fascination did not stop here. Everything in the ancient Pharaonic civilization is a secret and dazzling at the same time, a secret that the world has not been able to get, despite the scientific progress witnessed, The mummification and the secret of building the great pyramids, and more and more.

Based on genetics, the professionalism in work, excellence, and mastery did not stop with the ancient Egyptians but extended to reach the current sons.

In Egypt, you will find originality and civilization mixed in everything you see, with a modern touch and a hint of history. You will find everything special from what you used to before. They always say "Egypt came, then history came" and this is definitely true. 

 How to export from Egypt?

Recently, Egyptian products have advanced. the Egyptian government fairly increased its contributions to these products. So, The founders concluded that we possess local products that match the global market. 

They also found that there is a lack of awareness when it comes to these high-quality Egyptian products. This is where the founders came up with the idea of Masr Afdal platform to help raise awareness about the premium Egyptian products globally.

MASR AFDAL is a platform for supporting the Egyptian industry and introducing Egyptian products to the whole world. 

The platform is easily accessible by the importers, exporters, and the government too, where all parties will have access to the needed information which all simplify the exporting process. 

Our services:

  • Online import and export trading. 

  • Logistical and shipping trading. 

  • Online marketing services Egyptian manufacturers with all global importers. 

  • International hiring and job opportunities services. 

  • International trading show media and marketing services. 

  • Support the Egyptian local products to match the global standards. 

Our mission:

  • To support small and medium-sized businesses, And to let them know How to export from Egypt? And reach the global market.

  • To support the government in increasing their export target. 

  • To create business opportunities by reaching out to the Egyptian business communities living abroad. 

  • To provide premium local products to the international market while creating Egyptian brand demands. 

  • Collecting data from different countries about their importers to fasten and smoothen the export process for the Egyptian exporters. 

  • To encourage growth and increase distribution of the local handicraft industry. 

  • To cooperate with the shipment and insurance companies to smooth the exporting process of local companies. 

How to get the benefits of MASR AFDAL platform? 

If you are running your own business and want to export your business abroad and don't know how to export from Egypt? You can easily register for free on our platform and show the whole world what you can do and, by this importers can see your product and contact you. 

If you are already living abroad and want to make a business you can easily register for free on MASR AFDAL platform and choose the industry you are interested in and you will find ten’s of factors and companies that offer you the best products and services with the best price range and one added advantage for our platform that you will do this all without an intermediary. 

You can also work in affiliate advertising and invest your time just register for free on our website and you are totally free to choose the industry suitable for you. You can contact business owners directly without intermediary and gain a lot. 

MASR AFDAL is your vision and guidance for global export. We can help support your business abroad and push your brand to its maximum limits and our global network of 600 Egyptian affiliates will help do this. 

MASR AFDAL introduces you to a golden chance to invest your time, money, and effort, So if you are willing to support your country and economy don't hesitate to contact us and we will tell you more about the industries available and, How to export from Egypt?. 

MASR AFDAL will market your business globally. 


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