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Importing goods from Egypt | All Your Needs In One Place

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Importing goods from Egypt

No one could refuse shopping in Egyptian streets and buying Egyptian goods but what would you do if you are abroad don't worry MASR AFDAL makes importing goods from Egypt so easy just by one click, we are going to deliver you all the Egyptian goods crafted by the hands of ancient Egyptians Grandsons.

When first stepping foot in Khan El Khalili, This 500-year-old maze of streets, lanes, and shops forms one of the most famous tourist markets in the world. You will start looking at souvenirs to take home. But you may want to wait! Because you can't afford extra space in your luggage.

Bringing the Middle Eastern fragrance to your home is something you can’t resist as Your house will be filled with a warm oriental feeling and your heart too.

Egyptian artists were famous for their wood crafts, ranging from house furniture to large ships, The Egyptian furniture with the highest wood quality made in Damietta and the Egyptian Carpets and Rugs with the cheerful color decorate your home or office, you can find handwoven rugs in any size you like on Masr Afdal a website made especially for importing goods from Egypt to all those who love the ancient glamour with the unique touch. 

So If you can't afford an extra space in your luggage, or traveling to Egypt is not on your immediate agenda, you can find a wide selection of authentic and truly interesting Egyptian souvenirs on MASR AFDAL website. We are Presenting here some of the Egyptian products that might be of interest to foreigners. importing goods from Egypt is now available on MASR AFDAL website.

Importing goods from Egypt.

Egyptian souvenirs from Khan El Khalili Market, located in the Hussein District in Cairo. The Egyptian Tent Textile is a unique art decoration craft that started in the Pharaonic era and flourished after the Islamic conquest.

Ancient Egypt is famous for its pyramids, temples, and statues as well as its pottery. The ancient Egyptians built huge temples and great statues. One of the most famous is Bstet the feline goddess as ancient Egyptians have always domesticated cats to protect them from rats and birds. They loved it that it was buried with them. Until now, in the City of Bastet “Tal El Basta” were found and still exist near 300,000 mummified cats. These can be great versatile souvenirs to buy from Egypt.

Egyptian cotton and Linensis are synonymous with high quality all over the world. You can find a lot of local Egyptian brands on MASR AFDAL website. You can find bedding, towels, and baby clothes.

Burqa with Yashmak is an authentic Egyptian heritage known for ages also The fez or “Tarboosh”  as the Egyptians name it which is used to be a formal hat for citizens and Pashas, made of soft and durable Kilim fabric you can also, find them on Masr Afdal. 

Handcrafted Works will impress you, Egyptians knew how to use metals like silver, gold, copper, and iron to produce pieces of art of fabulous jewelry, that are decorated with magnificent gemstones.

Henna of high quality is so hard to find but not if you are in Aswan! You also might need some natural loofahs to exfoliate your skin. The bags will be a good and smart choice for a souvenir, especially if they are Egyptian handcrafted. But of course, you will not travel especially just to get this simple stuff so Masr AFDAL who is a specialist in importing goods from Egypt will do the job for you.

And of course, we can't forget to talk about Eastern Desserts Time to indulge your senses with the sweet taste of the East? Baklava and Saraya pie will get you addicted. If you have tasted traditional Egyptian cuisine you will know the magical effect and flavor our spices and herbs can do with the food! If you want to recreate any of the dishes you tried, MASR AFDAL website can pack some spices for you such as cumin, cardamom, saffron, turmeric, coriander and sesame, and so many other stuff.

Is importing goods from Egypt useful?

You can find anything you imagine buying in Egypt, the Egyptian markets have all manners and sets of products with different variations that can be a great souvenir.

Is importing goods from Egypt cheap?

You will find goods very cheap compared with many other countries. MASR AFDAL can help you with importing goods from Egypt at affordable prices and high quality as we are considered a gate between you and so many Exporters.

MASR AFDAL can bear the burden of the bargain and how to negotiate in order to get the best price as we can show you the same items with different prices and you just need to select.

MASR AFDAL is a platform where exporters and importers can get in touch in a smooth way as all parties have the ability to reach Their requirements for information and then register on the platform.

IF you want to find something that captures your memories of this extraordinary and beautiful country. if you really want to take a piece of Egypt while you are still home, If you can’t visit Egypt anytime soon, you can still get a piece of it at home just check out MASR AFDAL website where you can find the best souvenirs to buy from Egypt.

Egypt import data 2020

As we have mentioned before Egypt is well known for its unique and extraordinary product and here are Egypt imports data for 2020:


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