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El-Mohandes for Coatings and Solvents

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El-Mohandes Company is proud to be one of the leading Egyptian companies in the production and distribution of solvents, wood paints and automotive paints as we provide our clients from the public and private sectors in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa with our products and services in the following industries: Structural and decorative paints Protective paints "wood and cars" printing Inks Fabric Cleaning Leather Lubricants and lubricants Cleaners oil and gas Glues and glues Agricultural pesticides makeup Resins Foam / foam Oily chemicals El-Mohandes was established in 1998 in Ganaklis, Beheira Governorate, which is 80 km from the port of Alexandria. Thanks to the wide range of unique products and services provided by the company, it was quickly able to bring about wide changes in many industries in Egypt. Our company provides a wide range of value-added products and services, such as packing according to customer requirements (molding - plastic tanks - drums - tin containers), mixing and mixing of any type of solvent, in addition to the technical support and customized services we provide for many industries. All of our facilities follow a safe and efficient operating system. We strictly adhere to regulatory regulations regarding quality, health and safety. All of our factories are tightly linked to all clients in the Egyptian market and the entire region thanks to the transportation system we have. We are committed to continue focusing on smart growth and adopting advanced methods and methods that serve our customers, suppliers and employees. Also we have 23 tanks with different capacities to store bulk chemicals and peteochemicals with total storage capacity 28,000,000 liters

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