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Fridal Is a privately owned Egyptian company established in 1957 with its headquarters located in 6th of October city. Throughout the past fifty years, Fridal has gained the experience to establish and boost its remarkable share in the Egyptian market and become a major supplier to a number of countries in the international markets. The company started by growing Aromatic plants in the fifties in response to the increasing demand of essential oils, by all overseas buyers. Accordingly, Fridal became one of the biggest producers & exporters of essential oils and Concretes as well as some Herbs & spices. As a result, Fridal found itself fully involved in the perfumery world which led to a deeper interest in growing floral plants for concretes & absolutes. This was when Fridal increased its activities by producing perfumes, flavors & fragrances in the early eighties. Today, Fridal is a major supplier of a wide range of products and offers an outstanding worldwide service. It has also started its expansions within the area of retail market throughout household and personal care products. As an Egyptian company who has been in the business of fragrances since 1950, we believe our ancestors have passed down some of their knowledge to us. Whether it is perfume, a scented candle, an air freshener or any other source of fragrances, there is no doubt that it has an impact on our feelings and perception of the surroundings. Hence, in Fridal our mission is to offer you a vast array of fragrances to best cater to your various fragrances needs and help you differentiate your offerings from those of competition. Exporting all over the world; Fridal’s client list covers more than 30 countries all over the world. Whether it’s a truck, sea or an air shipment, Fridal always relies on superior shipping service providers with the best prices.


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