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El Tawil for Straps Production - Strapcoegypt Company



founded in 1990, Strapco is the first Egyptian company to produce steel and plastic strap packages with high quality materials For 30 years till now. Our company is a pioneer and specialized in manufacturing plastic strap and steel strap in different sizes and the seals required for each size which are in need for wide sectors of industries such as - Home Appliances -Corrugated Industries -tobacco, cotton and chemical fiber industries -steel industry, - architecture materials binding ,- paper plants, - glass industrial,, - electronics, Our steel strapping comes in regular-duty, heavy-duty, we also provide (PP) polypropylene and (rapping in a variety of sizes, colors, strapco carries seals to operate with all varieties of tool on all widths and thicknesses of strap.compatible with manual,pneumatic, electric tools and automatic and semi-automatic machines. Strap finishes painted and waxed. STRAPCO packing strap is produced in accordance with production procedures Quality Certificate License From the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality ES 2330/2007 Straps made of tensile steel sizes (19 X 0.8) mm & (31.75 X 0.8) mm.



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