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Egyptian Micro Electronics"FUTEK"



FUTEK is an Egyptian company, Japanese-based Technology, founded in 1987 by Dr. Mohamed Helmy Helal, specialized in manufacturing & design of different lighting products for commercial, residential and street lighting, meant to provide the best performance & highest energy saving capabilities. FUTEK started working in the manufacturing of Sodium Ballasts since 2003, and is considered the first in the Middle East and the only Egyptian company, specialized in this area and our staff are highly trained to work with the product. Our factories are the first Egyptian factories specialized in manufacturing end-to-end high efficiency lighting appliances in different technologies, starting with High Pressure Sodium, CFL, Electronic Ballasts, Induction Lighting up to LED Lighting in 2014, using all LED Lighting manufacturing machinery in our Production Lines. FUTEK labs are equipped with state of the art devices for measuring different performance factors as Power Factor, Luminous Flux, CCT and lifetime, where product Design & Development is carried by our strong R&D Team, enabling us to provide customized solutions for our clients FUTEK products are currently used in 14 European countries as all our products are CE Marked. Chairman statement FUTEK Egyptian Micro Electronics is the company that brings you the future technology for energy conservation. We are your best partner for energy conservation management; we can turn your non necessary energy consumption into a profit. We are at the forefront of new product introduction and we manufacture only products that you can trust. Dr. Mohamed Helal / President



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