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Beta Therm



In 1980, it was the beginning; we started in the field of sanitary ware trade and distribution. The more experience we gain, the more we can identify the highest quality products. In order to provide the highest level of quality, we have decided to start manufacturing. Our aim was high quality with competitive price, we founded our united manufacturing and trading company BETATHERM in 2006 by producing PP-R pipe and fittings. In 2013, we were able to establish our new U-P.V.C pipe and fittings production factory in Beni Swief, it was easy to emulate the industry giants in EGYPT and abroad. But because we strive for excellence, our innovative product design has been the key to the success of our BETAWHITE products. Social responsibility is not just about creating jobs or developing the poorest areas, but ensuring the safety of people and the supply of drinking water by safe means.

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