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Remas Herbs Co.



We are Remas Herbs for the trade and export of medicinal and aromatic plants We are based in Egypt. We offer you the following wholesale sales : - - Supplying dried organic Herbs and Aromatic plants with high quality and competitive prices. . We also have dried Calendula flowers ,Chamomile, Calendula petals, Basil, Peppermint, Caraway, Fennel ,Molokhia leaves , parsley, lemon grass , Echinacea, Moringa , and more of herbs and aromatic plants. All stages in terms of cultivation in our own farms, care and harvest, and then drying, quality control and packing, all stages are done through us and under our supervision. We have the best products at the highest quality and competitive prices in order to reach the Egyptian product to what is worthy is one of the highest products of the world for natural oils we wish to visit our website ...


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