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The Lotus Company is an Egyptian company specialized in the export of herbs, seeds, and spices The company realizes that it has started its activity in this sector, that the most important thing is to shake the quality and conform to the American and European specifications that determine several factors. The first of these is that the plants, whether fresh or dried, be free of pesticides or conform to the minimum applicable globally. To be free from all microbiological diseases and pests To be free from foreign bodies This can only be achieved through monitoring the matter from the beginning, from the selection of soil, water and seeds through the stages of production, harvesting, drying, processing, packaging and shipping. So we were able to have a high quality product The company's goal is to share its product and its success inIts success in all global markets. One of our goals is to spread the awareness of organic agriculture for our full belief that it is the real beginning of a healthy life free of diseases. That is why part of the Lotus Company logo is a healthy life for humans, animals and the land, which belongs to all of us. These goals and vision of the Lotus Company are in line with the United Nations 2030 vision for a sustainable world in it. Sectors facing threats to the planet's climate. You can start the story with the Lotus Company to learn how to have a healthy happy life Lotus Company a Healthy life


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