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Elfath eleslamy for food industries



who we are? El-Fath El-Eslamy Company for Food Industries El-Fath El-Eslamy Company for Food Industries was established in 1995 AD and specialized at the beginning of our establishment in the production of halva and tahini. by the time the company increased its products , infrastructures , tools and production machines then become one of the largest companies specialized in food production at the level of Arab Republic of Egypt It has become a major source of food products such as (halva - tahini - juices - Tomato sauce - jam - sugar cane syrup) and with the latest production methods of local and international machines In the production of food products. our Policy Since our inception in 1995, the company has followed the principle of comprehensive quality In order to achieve this we draw on the largest consultants in the field of Food industries and the production field. Our vision The company seeks for being the leading company in the production and distributing the food products until the workers , customers , competitors , suppliers and investors consider it as role model in food companies and establishments in Egypt Our message The company adopts the design, implementation and evaluation of decisions with a long-term impact Which aims to increase the value of the company from the point of view of customers and society as a whole Why El-Fath El-Eslamy Company? Because it is one of the giant companies in the field of food industries and production in order to produce a product that satisfies the desires of consumers with reasonable cost.

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